Birvie - Live Drone Streaming

Stream your DJI drone feed with friends, pin your stream on a map for users to discover, and simultaneously broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more.


Geolocated Streams

Live streams automatically pinned to their location allowing users to discover your streams by location.

RTMP Simulcasting

Stream your drone to up to 4 destinations simultaneously - YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and a fourth custom RTMP destination.

Watch Live or Prerecorded Streams

Watch drone footage either as it's happening or from recent streams.


RTMP Simulcasting

Birvie lets you enter your RTMP url and stream key from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch to simultaneously broadcast your drone's video feed to these platforms. With Birvie, you can stream live to your audience across multiple platforms.

Geolocated Streams

When you go live from Birvie, your live stream is immediately available to watch for users of Birvie. The live or pre-recorded stream from your drone can be discovered geographically on a map.


Get Birvie

Download Birvie today on iOS and coming soon to Android.